Kayalar Printing


Experienced staff, quality service and years of experience in the work.

We produce for you business cards, flyers, brochures, postcards, cards, diplomas, certificates, stickers, labels, booklets, brochures, Manuals, calendars, calendars, leaflets, letterheads. Large format printing, drawings, posters, billboards, city lights, vinyl banners and big boards, big-boards on the blue-bek – not a complete list of services offered by our company. In addition to high efficiency is another weighty advantage, allowing us to firmly hold strong positions in the market of online, digital, large format printing – the most well-balanced price-quality ratio. Our prices for business cards and other products – one of the most attractive.

Print and design features all kinds of jobs can e-mail or phone as soon as you give the order, the command will work. Any orders will be delivered by hand or by courier.